Business Continuity

It is essential to have reliable backups, and to prove that they can be restored as quickly as possible. Should you ever experience a catastrophe, you need to get your network and staff up and running in double-quick time. 

If your business ever suffers from a catastrophic IT failure, we are on hand to help restore your network and get staff back up and running. We offer 2 x methods to achieve this.

Cold Restore & Recovery – We have a fleet of backup servers ready to go, should the worst happen.  If you still have an infrastructure you can physically connect to (i.e. a cabled network), we will restore your system to one of these servers, bring it to site and get you connected again — typically in just a few hours, and all included in your Disaster Recovery Contract.  This is what we call ‘Cold Restore & Recovery.’

Hot Restore & Recovery – Should part or all of your main site be inaccessible, we also offer ‘Hot Restore & Recovery.’  This means we can restore your most recent backup to one of our servers at ISL but make your data/services available over the internet — this means your staff could potentially access their data from anywhere.

Co-Location Services – If you need to go further than ‘Hot Restore & Recovery,’ Co-Location Services will enable you to re-site your entire workforce to a site near you – please get in touch for more information.

Whilst we don’t like to think about a critical IT error, we are here to help you should the unforeseeable occur. Get in touch today to protect your business assets.