Server or Cloud Infrastructure

With over 30 years experience, we are in a position to help you decide whether an on-premise, virtual, or cloud-based system is the best fit for your organisation.

We have strong relationships with the largest hardware distributors in the UK, and global partnerships with all the leading vendors. In practical terms this means we can get you the best server solution, for the right price — wherever it needs to sit!

We can provide physical, virtual or co-located facilities (where your server is actually hosted securely at ISL offices, so you don’t need a local server at all!).

A cloud-based system may be the best option for you — we can help you cut through the vernacular and balance the pros and cons of your available options, rather than push you down a particular route.

Most often, a ‘hybrid’ method of working proves to be the most useful way of working, using a mixture of local hardware for office-based staff, whilst levering the best of the Cloud for remote workers.