Network Security

Perimeter Defence is at the heart of ISL’s security philosophy – the firewall is a critical component of the network and should be a robust, first line of defence in prevent ‘bad actors’ from attacking your network. 

We are constantly monitoring current threats to ensure our customers get the best available advise on prevention and best-practices when it comes to keeping your network safe.

SonicWall Firewall – SonicWall firewalls offer “advanced threat protection”, which can radically upgrade the perimeter defence of your network — this levels the playing field against external ‘brute force’ attacks, virus infection or ransomware bullying. 

Out of the box, SonicWall Firewalls offer ‘Deep Packet Inspection’ which look for Zero Day attacks (ones we don’t know specifically about yet), and protects your users against malicious website infection with intelligent web filtering. 

SSL VPN access ensures that any remote workers connect safely to the office network.

Traditionally, firewalls were supplied like any other IT appliance — connected and then forgotten about.  However, due to the relentless attacks of hackers and other ‘bad actors’ we now bundle a Managed Service with all SonicWall firewalls whereby we perform monthly checks to ensure your device is working as it should, that threats are being managed correctly, and that your firmware is always on the latest verified version.

Reporting – To really get the most out of your firewall, it can be helpful to know exactly what it is doing!  With FastVue reporting, you can report on internet usage and productivity by Departments or Security Groups.  You can also see which users accessed the network from home, when and for how long.  These reports can be scheduled for Departments, Offices and Teams and automatically sent to the right person each day, week or month.