Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 has changed the way we use Office products, especially with e-mail and collaboration systems – if you would like to see how to get the most from these and other 365 products, please get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

Simplifying Renewals & Management
Managing and administering 365 can be a headache, especially as your workforce grows.  We offer to manage this entire process for you and will advise on the best ways to purchase/renew 365 products over time (and to make sure any licenses you don’t need, have been removed!).

Portfolio – Nearly every Microsoft product is now available on a subscription basis – payable on either an annual or monthly basis.  If you need to add one or more products on a temporary or permanent basis, it’s likely to be out there!  We can help.

Enterprise Mobility + Security – If you need to control phones, tablets, laptops and even staff personal devices (BYOD), then a brilliant program called Enterprise Mobility + Security will give you the control you need.  It can keep your company data safe by preventing someone from copying or even screenshotting work e-mails to other programs/e-mail accounts – you can even remote wipe devices should it become necessary.

If you need assistance with Microsoft 365, Get in touch and speak to our knowledgeable team.