Backup & Disaster Recovery

We have decades of experience when it comes to Disaster Recovery backups. If you experience a catastrophe, we can get you up and running again – in hours, or even minutes!

If your business ever suffers from a catastrophic IT failure, we are on hand to help restore your network and get staff back up and running. We offer 2 x methods to achieve this.

Cold Restore & Recovery – We have a fleet of backup servers ready to go, should the worst happen.  If you still have an infrastructure you can physically connect to (i.e. a cabled network), we will restore your system to one of these servers, bring it to site and get you connected again — typically in just a few hours, and all included in your Disaster Recovery Contract.  This is what we call ‘Cold Restore & Recovery.’

Hot Restore & Recovery – Should part or all of your main site be inaccessible, we also offer ‘Hot Restore & Recovery.’  This means we can restore your most recent backup to one of our servers at ISL but make your data/services available over the internet — this means your staff could potentially access their data from anywhere.

Co-Location Services – If you need to go further than ‘Hot Restore & Recovery,’ Co-Location Services will enable you to re-site your entire workforce to a site near you – please get in touch for more information.

Whilst we don’t like to think about a critical IT error, we are here to help you should the unforeseeable occur. 

After years of field-testing the different solutions available, our engineers recommend Arcserve ShadowProtect, which includes something called ‘Headstart Restore (HSR).’

When you backup your servers to our data centre with this service, your backups are already part-restored — this can massively improve on restore times. Of course, if your systems are down, then speed is critical.

Regular Testing — We don’t just claim that this system works well; as part of your Disaster Recovery Contract, we will perform regular tests to prove that your systems can be restored, along with a practical estimate of how long it should take to restore your servers, should you ever experience a catastrophe.

Bulletproof Backups
Each backup job is kept separate from another which adds further protection against virus infection.  But we go even further: Our HSR policy requires that HSR images are built with a 4-day lag.  Should a virus infection take hold on a customer network on a Friday afternoon & run riot over a weekend, we would be able to use the HSR image on Monday to restore systems to their state prior to said infection.  We have the additional flexibility when restoring a HSR image to incorporate backup images taken after the current snapshot.

Working closely with leading IT companies such as Microsoft, StorageCraft, Veeam and HP we can provide you with all of the information needed to select a Disaster Recovery and High Availability solution to fit your business.