Wi-Fi Installation

We can provide simple installations which cover just key areas, or the implementation of full office and warehouse wi-fi systems.

If you find that your wi-fi requirements are growing, or that you can now see the benefits of a more ‘unified’ approach, we are your ideal partner.

If you would like users to be able seamlessly access the internet/network as they move around the building without experiencing dropouts, we can provide ‘heat maps’ to demonstrate how we would best avoid dead zones and provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi for everyone. 

You may find that extending wi-fi into warehouse or production areas can make a massive difference to staff productivity. 

If you provide us with a digital copy of your building plans, we will then provide a visual analysis of what the new coverage will look like for your organisation. 

Security is always essential, so we will help you pin down the best approach for your organisation, ensuring high levels of encryption for your staff and guest access.