Firewall Support

Even with business-class Anti-Virus Security which protects the ‘endpoints’ within your network (your server and PCs), perimeter defence is now more important than ever.

Cyber attacks are ever on the increase, so we are extremely keen that your firewall is not just capable of suitable protection, but that it is regularly managed and updated.

If you aren’t confident that your firewall can meet today’s threats, SonicWall’s Next-Generation firewalls add a secure layer of protection against intrusion, malware, or ransomware before they can enter the network.

These firewalls include something called Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), which blocks known threats immediately, whilst unknown threats are ‘cloud sandboxed’ for any suspect information.

In less than 1 second, potential threats are analysed and allowed/blocked from entering the network — they are actually sophisticated enough to look for and protect the network against cutting-edge threats we haven’t even seen before.