Reactive & Proactive IT Support

Reactive & Proactive Support have always been at the heart of our service — and we’ve been doing this since 1992. You can always be confident we will take your IT problems seriously, and quickly.

We enjoy tackling user issues, through to server problems, with contracted response times from just 2hrs. However, if your server/network ever goes down, we endeavour to respond in under 15 minutes!

We support nearly all brands of Server/PC and operating systems (as long as they are still supportable!), firewalls, routers, network switches and printers. If you have bespoke or 3rd party systems that are supported by other suppliers, we work hard to bring all stakeholders together to resolve any unusual issues.

Proactive IT Support

This means you can trust us to ensure that your systems perform at their optimal levels, and that your IT systems are up and running when you need them to be.

Our monitoring system constantly checks the health of your servers, reporting on CPU, memory and disk performance. In many cases, we are aware of and address problems before you even need to be notified.

Regular System Health Checks are an ideal opportunity to look at the overall health of the servers and PCs across the company.

These will give you a snapshot of the network, and report on things like:

  • Overall Server Hardware & Software Health
  • Server Storage
  • PC/Laptop Health
  • Backup Status
  • Firewall Status
  • MFA Status of all your users
  • VPN Report (who currently has external access to the network) 

Any Purpose Hours

With our ‘any purpose’ hours, you can pre-purchase IT engineer time, which can be used for almost any purpose.

The benefits of this include:

  • Significantly discounted rates — the more hours you buy, the more you save.
  • Free reporting which show all IT activity over the past month.
  • Flexible and easy to manage.
  • Pre-purchased time is set to never expire, no ‘use it or lose it’.