Managed IT Support

We understand the commercial importance of your IT systems being up and running at all times.  Our aim is to make IT Support friendly — with ISL you’ll always feel looked after and that your problems are our problems until their successful resolution.  Our permanently staffed helpdesk will provide you with professional and timely resolution to any IT issue you may face.

We have a permanently staffed helpdesk who can help diagnose and fix day-to-day user issues, through to specialist engineers who can help you improve the way your systems operate.

Our close proximity to all our customers means we will deliver fast onsite support when needed — especially in the North of England.

Dedicated Account Managers

By partnering with ISL, from Day #1 you will be assigned a Dedicated Account Manager. 

Disaster Recovery

We have decades of experience when it comes to Disaster Recovery backups.

Reactive IT Support

Reactive Support has always been at the heart of our service and we’ve been doing this since 1992.  You can always be confident we will take your IT problems seriously, and quickly. 

Proactive IT Support

We will proactively manage your IT system.  This means you can trust us to ensure that your systems perform at their optimal levels, and that your IT systems are up and running when you need them to be. 

Scheduled Updates

It is essential that servers are patched with the latest security releases from Microsoft, HPE and Dell. 

System HealthChecks

Regular HealthChecks are an ideal opportunity to look at the overall health of the servers and PCs across your company. 

Firewall Support

Cyber attacks are ever on the increase, so we are extremely keen that your firewall is not just capable of suitable protection, but that it is regularly managed and updated. 

‘Any-Purpose’ Hours

With our ‘any purpose’ hours, you can pre-purchase IT engineer time, which can be used for almost any purpose.